3D/4D Scan

When can this Scan be done

  • 26-30 weeks
  • Earlier than 26 weeks and your baby won’t have developed enough fat to clearly see features, whilst any later than 32 weeks your baby may have shifted position ready for the big day and therefore it’ll be harder to see their face and features.

The aim of the 4D SCAN

  • 4D is simply a series of single 3D images so that there is the appearance of motion. The 4th dimension is time. The important thing to remember when you look at any 3D/4D image is that it is a computer-constructed image, not a glimpse at the real thing.
  • As such, the computer can make some odd assumptions as it is trying to render a realistic surface to the baby and weird bulges and lumps appear. In order to get a beautiful 3D ultrasound image, the baby’s face must not be covered by hands or touching anything. Just like any picture, if the baby isn’t looking at the ‘camera’, you can’t get a good image.
  • When the baby’s face is clear, the image can be astounding. But, if the hands, the cord, or something else is blocking the view, we can’t get that gorgeous shot like in the promotions. Don’t count on getting a great image every time.

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